Things I Learned On Tik Tok
Craziest Karens Caught On Camera
YESSUAH life story's
YESSUAH life story's 6 tundi tagasi
do the sprite pie pls
Izabella Mychelle
Izabella Mychelle 6 tundi tagasi
This is me I have a learning disability too
Ashley Oligario
Ashley Oligario 6 tundi tagasi
I have dyslexia but I'm a writer, i write stories and when sometimes I can't spell sometime I ask siri. Still you can't never judge a person's abilities.
Angelo Ranan
Angelo Ranan 6 tundi tagasi
Fun fact: Word of the day L-E-A-R-N
{Zoe-plays-gacha!} 6 tundi tagasi
yeah nope
Abby's World
Abby's World 6 tundi tagasi
I don't like ketchup :) I don't know why? Why so I not like ketchup?
Random Le wolf
Random Le wolf 6 tundi tagasi
Jordyn Zaorski
Jordyn Zaorski 6 tundi tagasi
If the car is so “stupid” why does she want it charged:/
The Besties
The Besties 6 tundi tagasi
Ruby gemstone
Ruby gemstone 6 tundi tagasi
The hack when you speak into the mic and it writes actually it won't always come out right you have to take very slow and clear.
MClaire Rising
MClaire Rising 6 tundi tagasi
8:59 did anyone else think of them illyrians?? Just me?
Game Day
Game Day 6 tundi tagasi
Hideki Nishina
Hideki Nishina 6 tundi tagasi
Well I liked soooooooo is it going to have a egg
JR flower Gamers
JR flower Gamers 6 tundi tagasi
Luv ur glassses
gracelynn lash
gracelynn lash 6 tundi tagasi
face :)
James 6 tundi tagasi
Back in 2006 I was in 6th grade getting bullied then I made my school loose spelling bee and got bullied even harder 😂💔
Luis Corado
Luis Corado 6 tundi tagasi
Yeah they should
Paola 122
Paola 122 6 tundi tagasi
I have a Natalie in my class then is the sky he was my best friend and she's good to me because now she's been asking me how do you not know how to read and now she's coming to me so scary don't know how to read but I'm learning
XxXtEnTaCiOn_thy YT
XxXtEnTaCiOn_thy YT 6 tundi tagasi
Krispy kreme always has ur food prepared (50k donuts a day)
Sunflower Seed
Sunflower Seed 6 tundi tagasi
That kid rlly had a hit list 😳
millie 6 tundi tagasi
The kidnapping car wire thing idk that person is THE MOST WANTED OF STUDPIDY there's alot of cars even police might caught the person kidnapping her/him *example of stupidy*
ELEIZARDO Rumbaoa 6 tundi tagasi
Fernando Monteiro
Fernando Monteiro 6 tundi tagasi
When they were dying the grass What it was: Dying the grass Captions: Die in the grass
eladia olivo
eladia olivo 6 tundi tagasi
thats stupid so do saidifiing video soo bich really
Daisy The Destroyer
Daisy The Destroyer 6 tundi tagasi
I watch the Dhar Mann video, then I watch the sssniperwolf video of her watching it
Thirdy Paulino
Thirdy Paulino 6 tundi tagasi
Did the teacher just said HAWKINS ( stranger things ) spelling bee ia in two weakss!!!
GACHA_HALLEY PLAYZ 6 tundi tagasi
Dar man don’t even care about carona he be liek “ok we are on set *throws mask behind him* forget masks ok ACTION!”
Ray Willy
Ray Willy 6 tundi tagasi
Why would she adopt a foster kid anyhow, if she just gonna let her starve?
Antonina Pishyar
Antonina Pishyar 6 tundi tagasi
Yo she was trying to say And nothing can help you life!
Brevin Truck
Brevin Truck 6 tundi tagasi
He loves the crank chop
Brianna Poladian
Brianna Poladian 6 tundi tagasi
Brevin Truck
Brevin Truck 6 tundi tagasi
yo let’s get my boi jacksepticeye
wolfplayerz 11
wolfplayerz 11 6 tundi tagasi
hey i have a question!!!!! where did you get your migi plush?! i really want one!
Samantha Jankowski
Samantha Jankowski 6 tundi tagasi
When she said imagine if your crush like you back every single crocheted had like me back
Lei Vargas
Lei Vargas 6 tundi tagasi
10:32, but are we not gonna pay attention to how that lady is wearing two different socks?
Eric Dearth
Eric Dearth 6 tundi tagasi
Not for me and I’m the youngest😐😩
・ Dum Rat ・
・ Dum Rat ・ 6 tundi tagasi
I hate Monday but Dahr man Monday is an exception
shark squad
shark squad 6 tundi tagasi
I know I'm a bit late but you should show us the sword in the background.
Nora Lopez
Nora Lopez 6 tundi tagasi
Calling her a little brat
Lily Mcgeshick
Lily Mcgeshick 6 tundi tagasi
Keep up the good vids!
Leah Light
Leah Light 6 tundi tagasi
Me about to say wow: w- wowza
Carson Farler
Carson Farler 6 tundi tagasi
3:10 MIKE WASOSKI sorry if i spelled it wrong
piper scout
piper scout 6 tundi tagasi
What if your green bean casserole starts blowing up the toilet! 😂🤣
Ari and Aries forever
Ari and Aries forever 6 tundi tagasi
Me who can't even spell a simple word
JDthe only one
JDthe only one 6 tundi tagasi
On the last one you just needed jimmy woo to say Wanda can you hear me for all you Wandavision fans out there like me
Brevin Truck
Brevin Truck 6 tundi tagasi
6:00 Is legit the crank chop
Mae Taylor
Mae Taylor 6 tundi tagasi
You should name it Tuna and sorry if I late to post this😢
NiftyNebula6 6 tundi tagasi
acqxel herbese
acqxel herbese 6 tundi tagasi
MrSleepless 6 tundi tagasi
What's your left hand and what's your right hand sniper wolf???
Midnights flower Power
Midnights flower Power 6 tundi tagasi
My last’s meal would be: I would ask for a drink instead, and order boba if they said yes U-U my favorite icecream is mint chocolate chip I-I your not the only one
Victoria Rhea
Victoria Rhea 6 tundi tagasi
Click the blue word because at 1:52 Why aren’t they all freaking out the pole above the police ITS LITERALLY ABOUT TO FALL AND NOBODY GONNA BE LAGGING WHEN THEY ALL GO OFF
xXDizzy_flower666 Xx
xXDizzy_flower666 Xx 6 tundi tagasi
Darn slender man here now in city’s he can speak he BREAKS WINDOWS WE GONNA DIE HELPPP
sublimnali 6 tundi tagasi
the bread breaks apart because gluten is what holds it together
Elizabeth Potoczny
Elizabeth Potoczny 6 tundi tagasi
Sssniperwolf:She literally put the mascara on the flip-flop not the dude Me: ikr Sssniperwolf: i’ve seen this like 3 times!
Hali Randall Stevens
Hali Randall Stevens 6 tundi tagasi
They said Hawkins Middle School and I was just like STRANGER THINGS check!!!
lol guy playz I'm the best at adopt me
lol guy playz I'm the best at adopt me 6 tundi tagasi
I caan spell that its f a c e jts so easy
Puppy Tail
Puppy Tail 6 tundi tagasi
ok ik i shouldn’t be laughing but when she poured water on the cards they’re laminated 😐
Amari Brown
Amari Brown 6 tundi tagasi
Who else know her username is a lie sssniperwolf stands for super sexy sniper wolf
CHEFAS8 is EVERYTHING 6 tundi tagasi
Lia looks like fnf gf
Angelina & Alyssa
Angelina & Alyssa 6 tundi tagasi
Sssniperwolf: is that a owl of mini donuts. Me: yes I’m not stupid
Reina 6 tundi tagasi
AHHH being someone w bad dyslexia and bad learning disabilities this is so heart warming
Kirishima Ejiro
Kirishima Ejiro 6 tundi tagasi
Girl in survival movie: cuts hair with a knife Girls’ hair in the next scene: 4:32
Leah Gaxiola
Leah Gaxiola 6 tundi tagasi
Can you pls play a game called “Undertale”?
•Tøasty Trøubles•
•Tøasty Trøubles• 6 tundi tagasi
Bro- you can't bully her for that, all my classmates don't even know how to spell the word *c l a s s m a t e* We're in 5th grade
Anne Margaux
Anne Margaux 6 tundi tagasi
What if I'm pretending sick but the kidnapper know that im not sick what am I gonna do
Xx gacha girl xX
Xx gacha girl xX 6 tundi tagasi
Why are you getting all The good videos but when i look it is shit
Kyle ph 72 yt
Kyle ph 72 yt 6 tundi tagasi
Ok the Beautiful woman is Back with a new video
Moonlight shadow games and gacha
Moonlight shadow games and gacha 6 tundi tagasi
That's not like a bad thing I couldn't sell till 5 grade
XNINJABOI X 6 tundi tagasi
Barb Festa
Barb Festa 6 tundi tagasi
Watch tiktoks that split my tongue in 2 they have some tiktoks that are CRAZY!!! You are , favorite youtuber no doubt!!!!!!!,!
Delilah Corb
Delilah Corb 6 tundi tagasi
AhhhHHHhhH. Love your hat 💜💜
G Sisters
G Sisters 6 tundi tagasi
Jimmy Levitt
Jimmy Levitt 6 tundi tagasi
BaBaBoi 6 tundi tagasi
5:33 idk if I'm dirty minded but that sounded sorta like moaning-
Nebil Abdelsalam games
Nebil Abdelsalam games 6 tundi tagasi
Do a collaboration.
hacked you glitch god
hacked you glitch god 6 tundi tagasi
OK so I don't have insta don't want to being stuck in a elevator for 5 hours 8snt bad I don't want a gf so I guess ill go with the major
Allegra CC
Allegra CC 6 tundi tagasi
Lia: "thats your brother, you have to stick together" me and my brother: *avoiding each other at school cause of hatred*
Demon WolfyBoo
Demon WolfyBoo 6 tundi tagasi
DUDE I WOULDN'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL RESILIENT EITHER ;-; And I'm in middle school I don't know my left from my right either so don't worry
Cam Schroeder
Cam Schroeder 6 tundi tagasi
Teacher : intelligence has 2 L' s Me : WUT really ......